Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birthday Weekend: Cake and Thai Food's not my birthday, but both my mom and my husband have birthdays this weekend. I am surrounded by Virgos. Above is the cake that I had a friend of mine make so that I could surprise my husband. He loved it and the moist, sweet, strawberry interior.

We celebrated my mom's birthday at Sawadika Thai Zone, which I visited a few weeks ago. I once again ordered my favorite Pad See Iew. It was delicious as always. I love the sticky chewiness of the flat rice noodles and the sweetness of the dark soy sauce. If anyone has a good recipe for making this at home, please share.

My mom had the Pad Woon Sen. She loves glass noodles and has become a pro at eating them with chopsticks. The dish was perfectly seasoned and full of tender vegetables.

The next picture is blurry, but my memory of this delicious black rice pudding is not. My mom and I had never had this delight before and it was heaven. When we first saw it, we were a little scared, but after the first taste, we were hooked. It was the perfect blend of dark glutinous rice and sweet coconut topped with a cherry. The whole time I was eating it, I was thinking that it would be wonderful for breakfast. I am going to have to track down the recipe for this one!


VeggieGirl said...

Wishing your mom and your husband a very happy birthday!!

That cake is too fun :0)

Anonymous said...

Aww hope you enjoy celebrating birthdays!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Aww, I am HONORED that you added me to your blogroll. And I'm so glad you did, because it enabled me to find your blog! I will definitely add you to my roll as well.

I especially love your "oatmeal ideas" post, because, like you, I eat oatmeal almost every day.

erica said...

The birthday celebrations sound like loads of fun! That cake is adorable.

And pad thai = one of my ultimate favorites.

Sireesha said...

Wishing ur MOM and Ur Hubby very Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Zesty Cook said...

Hey Megan,
Great looking cake! I would like to have a piece! And did I mention before that I love thai food. I am going to try some new thai food this week I believe. Very nice post indeed. Getting back to the oatmeal kick- I tried yet another one of your kicked up oatmeal ideas. S0 far so good. Love it!


Sheena said...

Hi Megan,

I stumbled on this post when trying to Google the number of calories in pad see iew and couldn't help noticing that you were looking for a recipe!

Hope this helps... her pad thai recipe is to die for too.

Best wishes,