Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Hemp Tasting

This morning I tried the Vanilla Hemp milk. I planned on putting it in my tea, but I taste tested it first. I was pleasantly surprised. It had a nice smooth vanilla nutty taste. I let my tea brew and then I poured it in. I went to grab a spoon to mix it, and when I returned, it appeared as if the milk had separated. Maybe the heat caused it to break down, but there were white flecks floating around...even after stirring. I will definitely use the milk as a drink and over cold cereal, but not in hot drinks. I will stick to my rice milk.

What milk substitutes/brands so you all use and like?


VeggieGirl said...


Anonymous said...

I really like the Silk Light Vanilla Soy milk. Its sweet but not too sweet. I was buying 8th continent untill i realized it was made with splenda

My Year Without said...

first of all, thanks for sending me the ingredients for the sugar-free mighty muffins...can't wait to try them out when i return home from my road trip.

also, i LOVE that hemp milk. especially the chocolate flavor. have you tried the chocolate? my husband who only drinks cows milk actually really likes the chocolate hemp milk.

my biggest problem with milk alternatives is all the sugar that is added to them. when i go get espresso anywhere, there is usually a soy option, but it is always a brand that uses white refined sugar. in portland, oregon, there are actually cafes that offer sugar free rice milk for your lattes and they are made to perfection!

when i shop for milk alternatives, my favorites are rice dream, and almond milks. of course i always check ingredients, even if i've bought it before, because i'm finding that companies will switch ingredients and not notify on their product! i was eating "pamela's" cookies because she only used molasses or honey to sweeten her products and then one day i looked at the ingredients and she had substituted white sugar in place of molasses and honey. i was so mortified! i wrote to the company to complain and ask why they switched and i was told that where they usually bought honey had run out of supply. well, i think that was an excuse to use a cheaper product--sugar! anyway, i always check ingredients for this reason!

Juliet said...

That sounds REALLY yummy, but how does it stack up to other substitutes calorie wise?

Juliet said...

Hey Meg. Thanks for writing me back about the Hemp milk! I am going to try it! I am also going to try mixing the hemp protein into unsweetened almond milk (only 40 calories/cup and so delicious... (you can find a posting about it on my blog)) to see if they are good together.


Diana Young, RD, LD, CDE said...

I'm glad to see others are trying hemp milk. It is difficult to purchase in Orlando unless they special order it.
Btw, love your blog and the theme setup.