Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Think Green Chocolate Chip Bar

If you have never tried any of the thinkProducts, you are missing out on some yummy nutrition. The thinkGreen chocolate chip bar was my first experience with this brand, and I had trouble not eating one every day. They have over a tablespoon of greens in them, and they are gluten free. The best part is that they don't have a fake chocolate taste that some other bars have. They truly are a chewy chocolate treat with plenty of chocolate chips to please the palate. These bars pack in 7 grams of protein and tons of antioxidants!!! I also highly recommend the thinkThin Peanut Caramel Protein Bar and the thinkThin Creamy Peanut Butter Protein Bar. They both taste like candy bars and pack in 20 grams of protein. Check out the thinkProducts variety of delicious vitamin packed products here:


Anonymous said...

I've had a hard time with the Think products. Some are okay, some are mehhhh. I still have the ThinkGreen one waiting for a product review...and I even wrote myself a note to include you on it, as you mentioned you enjoyed them. SOMEDAY i will get around to that!!

have a great night Megan!

Meg said...

Gliding- The ones I mentioned are the ones I really like. I have tried all the thinkGreen bars, and I would have to say the chocolate chip and blueberry noni are the better tasting ones. I haven't really tried many of the others. I did try the white chocolate raspberry protein bar and didn't like it too much. Which flavor do you have waiting for you?

Anonymous said...

I actuallyfound these to be a little too sweet and "fake" tasting for me... and I usually love sweets.